Some of the world’s most beautiful wilderness can be found in our nation’s 49th state. Alaska is home to some of the world’s heartiest and fresh fish. Small villages line the coastal regions. Many of these villages are so remote they can only be reached by car a few months of the year.

The natives who live on these lands have been there for centuries. Their hunting skills are one of the best in the world. They have to be to survive the harsh winters. One way to catch fish is to drop nets in the water before it freezes and leave a stake sticking out. After a couple weeks, the natives break the frozen layer of ice and pull back the net that is nearly 10 feet under the ice. If done properly, one can catch enough fish in two weeks to last a whole winter.

An interesting delicacy in Alaska is eating whale. Natives are allowed to fish for whale and walrus but only natives and can only catch a limited number. Another interesting food is moose nose. Yes, moose nose. They boil the moose nose and cover it with walrus fat to create an interesting taste. Sounds weird to us lower 48ers but that’s normal life to Alaskans.

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