The first person to name Mount Olympus CA, a drive that takes you into the Hollywood hills must have been feeling as though they were walking where the gods lived. After all, the ancient Greeks once believed their own stars were up there, and today where else can you find the stars but in Hollywood itself? But this Mount Olympus is also near some of Los Angeles's most important landmarks and living near here gives you access to good filming locations. But whether you're looking to for housing fit for an entertainment industry executive or for just basic business needs, we may just have the downtown apartment you need.

Get To Know The 1010 Experience

At 1010 Wilshire, we want to make sure everyone who comes to live here feels they belong at our community. From the moment our valet takes your car and parks it for you to the time you enter your home, we want everything to be satisfactory for you. Instead of having to make trips back and forth to a shipping center or office equipment rental company, you can take care of both at our on-site business center. If you want to have your friends or colleagues over for a function, we have a rooftop space with a pool that's perfect for just the occasion. But there's so much more.

Get To Know Everything Inside Our Housing

The most important part of TENTEN Wilshire is what we've done with the inside of our apartments. We've made sure to have them ready to live in from the moment you see them and equipped with all the appliances and electronics you need, including an HD television set and your own laundry machines. If you need certain room services or want daily housekeeping, we provide that too. And to see how it really looks, you should schedule a free tour with us.

Our Free Tour Package

To see a fully furnished apartment at our facility, all you need to do is sign up for one of our tours. Our staff will show you where our important on-site amenities are, and then show you what our apartments look like on the inside. If you like what you see, we can make it your home in a very short time. To take the tour, just call us at (888) 554-2033 or fill in the information at