Entrepreneurs and business startups are changing the way we think about office space and finding new ways to minimize overhead costs. Along with that, both office space and housing has become reimagined to make moving in, living, and working much simpler. At our property near Eagle Rock, CA, we have all-inclusive downtown apartments and office space in a prime location and with all the services you need to stay productive. One visit to our place and you'll understand why our clients have given us so many positive reviews.

At 1010 Wilshire, our apartments have much of the same hookups as 5-star hotels, but even more of the feel of home to them. We have fully furnished suites with fine luxurious furniture from your dining room table, to your living room sofas and tables, to king-sized beds in the master bedrooms. They also come with very fast internet and premium cable TV installed home theater systems and more technology accessories. You can select from one of our standard, deluxe, executive, premium, or other apartments depending on your budget and spatial needs, and you also have optional concierge services you can include when signing up.

There is so much to do here at Ten Ten Wilshire whether it's business-related work in the business center, filming, or enjoying yourself at one of our rooftop parties. What's so great about our LA apartment rentals are the flexible lease packages we offer that have no minimum stay requirements whether you plan on being here a few weeks or a few years. To get started renting here, you'll want to sign up for our free tour where we'll walk you through the property and help you find the suite you're looking for. To get started, call us at 1-877-751-0825, or fill in the request form at www.1010wilshire.com.