Finding the right downtown apartment can be a little difficult in LA. So many buildings or complexes claim to offer luxury living standards, only to offer the same mundane apartment living style you can find outside of the downtown center. If you are looking for next-level luxury apartment living, look no further than 1010 Wilshire Boulevard.

The fully furnished suites at Ten Ten Wilshire have been carefully designed to embrace modern design, ultimate comfort, and practical workspace. Each of our luxury apartments come with phone, Internet, and power included as part of the rent. Our living spaces are all about luxury and convenience.

Ten Ten Wilshire offers many amenities for its residents. When you are part of the 1010 family you will enjoy concierge and valet services, access to meeting and conference rooms and screening areas. And unlike many luxury buildings, we have a private helipad that all residents can use.

Our LA apartment also offers all residents a beautiful patio area for meet and greets, and a rooftop bar area that is the perfect place to relax after a long day. We host different functions each month for our residents as a way to enhance their living experience.

1010 Wilshire is located in the heart of everything that makes LA great. It is within walking distance of dining, shopping, and entertainment venues. YOu are minutes away from the business and movie districts, and only a short drive from the beautiful California beaches.

If you are looking for the perfect luxury apartment near Chula Vista, then you want to explore the apartments at 1010 Wilshire. We offer long and short term leasing options and you can even move in on the same day.